In the heart of Irpinia, along the valley of the Sabbath, between the towns of Pratola Serra, Prata, Tuff, the family De Palma cultivates their vineyards in Fiano, Greek, Aglianico and Coda di Volpe.

The mild Mediterranean climate combined with the volcanic origins of the soil and its characteristics tuff, make this area particularly suitable for growing wine. Already practiced in Roman times, over two thousand years, with love and passion using traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation and improved over time through knowledge and new technological achievements.

Thanks to the exceptional nature of this area (soil and climate) it makes our vines unique and unable to be cultivated in other areas. . They in fact enhance the wine making the most autenitche expressions of this area and especially of a culture and civilization of ancient origin still intact in green Irpinia.

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